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CHA Network

From the practice of medicine to the promise of medicine; and from a local medical center to a global medical network.
CHA Global Medical Network
The center of world medicine. The future of medical practice.
The CHA global network of medical centers believes in bringing the highest degree of expertise and innovation to the patients. With a half century of medical excellence, CHA Medical Group will provide society with the unique type of medical technology for the future. The practice of medicine that is world class begins at CHA Medical Centers.

CHA Global Medical Network

Research Institutess

  • CHA Medical Institute
  • CHA Clinical Research Institute
  • CHA Cell and Gene Therapy Institute
  • CHA Alternative Medicine Research Institute
  • CHA Stem Cell Institute
  • CHA Placenta Institute
  • CHA Cosmetics Institute
  • CHA Optical Laboratories
  • CHA Optical Application Laboratories

Medical Service

  • ICORD, the CHA Cord Blood Bank
  • The CHA Medical Center Blood Donation Bank
  • The CHA Paramedic Service
  • CHA Ovum Bank, Los Angeles

Educational Institutes

  • CHA University
  • CHA Graduate School of Medicine
  • CHA Graduate Schools
  • CHA Graduate School of Health and Social Service

Medical Centers

  • Gangnam CHA Medical Center
  • Bundang CHA Medical Center
  • Bundang CHA Women's Hospital
  • Gumi CHA Medical Center
  • The CHA Fertility Center and IVF Clinic
  • Daegu CHA Women's Hospital
  • CHA Anti-aging Institute
  • The CHA Medical Group Medical Exam Center
  • Hollywood Presbytenian Medical Center (LA)
  • CHA Fertility Center (LA)


  • CHA Bio & Diostech Co., Ltd.
  • CHA Biomed
  • CHA Biofood
  • Seoul CRO
  • CHA Health Systems Inc., Los Angeles
  • CHA Healthcare Mgmt., LLC., Los Angeles
  • CHA Property Holdings, LP., Los Angeles
  • CHA Property Mgmt., LLC., Los Angeles
  • Stem Cell International, Boston
  • CHA Regenerative Medical Institute, Los Angeles
  • CHA Reproductive Managing Group, Los Angeles
  • Holy Optics, Chongqing, China
  • CHA Bio & Diostech Tokyo Office
  • CHA Bio & Diostech, Shanghai Office