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Department of Biomedical Sciences

If you enjoy sciences and its practical applications, particularly in health care or related research, a degree in Biomedical Sciences could be just what you want. You will study life processes to gain an understanding of health and the methods for diagnosing, analyzing and treating disease. Subjects covered are broadly similar to the pre-clinical components of a medical degree, with the addition of molecular biology, the screening and evaluation of new drugs, and the relationship between the environment and health.

CHA Graduate School of Integrated Medicine offers a comprehensive education program to establish from students competence in biomedical, applied bioscience and food science and biotechnology practice and research.

  • The faculty has a large number of members with many different areas of expertise.
  • International joint research programs for the purpose of advancing collaborative research between CHA students and their overseas colleagues.
  • The school has excellent research programs and provides educational opportunities supported by the latest technology.
  • Great scholarship programs

Department of Medical Science

The Medical Sciences Graduate Program provides opportunities for interdisciplinary graduate education in the Medicine Sciences within the areas relevant to human health; and provides multiple opportunities for graduate students to broaden their knowledge and experience in directions of their own choice.

Department of Nursing

CHA Graduate School Nursing Program promotes mentorship in research and scholarship among its faculty and students for the advancement of nursing science and practice based on the nursing theory; and prepares graduates for leadership roles in advanced nursing practice; and contributes to the improvement of the nursing profession.

Department of Pharmacy

The mission in graduate program of department of pharmacy at CHA university envisions education and research in interdisciplinary degree program to reflect the latest trends of biopharmacy, pharmaceutical chemistry and clinical pharmacy. Our graduate program designed to address the current?scientific?issues and needs, which will train students to become specialists with the skills and knowledge required to carry out cutting edge research and drug development.

Department of Active Aging Industry

This master's degree program offers a pathway to impact global change in the growing field of aging indursty.
The program provides multidisciplinary theoretical framework and specific experiences related to aging industries. Students have opportunities to become a business leader and a life consultant who can develop products and services, and cordinate of health, economy and social activities in later life.

Special Graduate School

Graduate School of Health Industry  Web Site

The Health and Social Service courses we offer at CHA Graduate School are intended to create health professionals and managers with a thorough understanding of managing health and social care services. We offer a full range of courses from programs suitable for those student who already work, or hope to work in health and social care but who do not possess a formal qualification to practitioners who see their future career in a management related role in this sector.

  • Public Health
  • Social Welfare

Graduate School of Integrated Medicine  Web Site

Complementary and alternative medicine is any medical practice that does not fall within the realm of conventional medicine, and is based on historical or cultural traditions, rather than on the traditional Western medical practice. In the relatively new idea of "integrated medicine," the aforementioned complementary/alternative medicine is used together with conventional Western or Eastern medicine; and CHA University is the first school to offer master's and doctoral degree programs in this sector. CHA Graduate School of Integrated Medicine offers a comprehensive education program to establish from students competence in clinical practice and research; and is designed to encourage students to have broad perspective about clinical treatments by introducing different ideas and therapies.

  • Integrated Medicine
  • Complementary and alternative medicine
  • Food Therapy

Graduate School of Art Therapy  Web Site

Clinical Art Therapy is a new form of psychological treatment combined with art and medicine. It is understood as a method that evaluates, diagnoses the patient’s physical and mental(mind-body) state and promotes disease treatment for symptom improvement through the art therapy. The goal of The Graduate School of Art Therapy CHA University is to educate scholars who excel in both academy and practice. Our programs educate art therapy theories and application methods. We also train our scholars to become experts in the field equipped with knowledge in psychology, art and medicine; expanding the study further to complementary and alternative medicine. We focus on research, diagnosis and education. - Research regarding art therapy theory, clinical trial and medicine(Clinical Art Therapy, Color Therapy, Eastern-Western Medicine and Eastern-Western Art Therapy) - Diagnosis(CHA Hospital Art Therapy Clinic) - Education(Clinical Art Therapy Master’s course in Graduate School of Art Therapy, Clinical Art Therapy Doctor’s course in medical department of Graduate School) We act as a hub of Eastern-Western Medicine especially Art Therapy, maintaining a close collaboration with clinical training facilities, 20 universities(including the U.S) and Art Therapy Society throughout the world.

  • Clinical Art Therapy

Graduate School of Clinical Pharmacy  Web Site

Cha University College of Pharmacy is one of the top technology advanced schools of pharmacy in South Korea. The success of the college of pharmacy program led to the development of an innovative Graduate School of Clinical Pharmacy. The graduate school offers two majors, namely Clinical Pharmacy and Managed Care Pharmacy. The salient features of each major are presented below.

  • Clinical Pharmacy

Clinical pharmacy program provides students with knowledge, skills and resources to practice effectively as a clinical pharmacy professionals involved in the best use of medicines and pharmaceutical care. These skills include the ability to individualize, review and monitor patient's medication profiles; demonstrate effective communication skills with other healthcare professionals and patients; critically evaluate medical and pharmaceutical literature, discuss social issues relating to medicine use. Regular updates of course content integrate emerging clinical evidence and current controversies. A major strength of the program is the emphasis on developing clinical practice and the integration of evidence based healthcare. This program also offers a series of core learning that allows the students to gain knowledge and experience on reviewing process for the reimbursement of prescription medication. The lecturers are members of Review and Assessment Committee at Healthcare Insurance Review and Assessment Service(HIRA).

  • Social and Administrative Pharmacy

The social and administrative pharmacy program at CHA University focused on studying the social, psychosocial, political, legal, historic, and economic factors that impinge upon the use, non-use and abuse of drugs. At the societal level the program's emphasis is on the examination of the system and environment in which pharmacists, patients, and other health care providers interact. At the individual level the program emphasizes the interaction of biological, pharmaceutical, and sociobehavioral sciences with direct patient care to assure the safe, appropriate, and economic use of drugs in patients.

CHA Business School(Master of business Adninistration) : MBA  Web Site

CHA Business School(CBS) is one of the most prestigious business schools in Korea, which is to train business leaders and managers with global competency. CBS offers the world-class faculty, facilities, resources, student-focused services, and alumni network. The CBS offers students not only the knowledge and skills in corporate management and entrepreneurial enterprises, but also the opportunity to deepen their understanding of world business culture through global field seminar tours to top global enterprise in world. With the great faculty and wonderful staff, the CBS is a great place to start making your aspiration one step forward. This would jumpstart your future career.

  • Global Future Management
  • Entrepreneurship Management
  • Healthcare Management

Graduate School of Sports Medicine  Web Site

CHA University Sports Medicine Graduate School is the first graduate program integrated with the medical curriculum and sports science curriculum. The Sports Medicine Graduate Program offers Master’s of Science in Athletic Training and Medical Exercise. Athletic Training program provides the courses tailored to the ahltetic trainers and conditioning coaches in the sports field and Medical Exercise program provides the advanced sports science and clinical exercise classes. The program also provides summer and winter schools for the students to have hands-on workshops for various practical topics.

  • Athletic Training
  • Medical Exercise