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Undergraduate Studies

College of Life Sciences

Department of Biomedical Science Web Site

Department of Biomedical Science at CHA University will offer students a rich, all-around academic and research experience in the field of biomedical Science. We aim to educate competent scientists specializing not only biomedical science but also translational research by providing research-oriented curriculums with advanced educational activity.

  • A man-to-man mentoring program between faculties and students in the department offers close and personalized mentoring for school activity and future career.
  • Our specialized curriculums is led by 17 faculty members who are actively investigating state-of-the art biotechnology including reproductive medicine, stem cell biology, tissue engineering, molecular oncology, and functional genomics.
  • Internship research program as part of our regular curriculums gives friendly environment to students for being exposed to biomedical science. During summer/winter vacation, students have opportunities to experience experiments at levels of graduate school and prepare their thesis in the laboratory of each faculty to publish their thesis on national and international journals in biomedical science.
  • A unique and intensive educational program to produce experts in reproductive medicine is also part of our regular curriculum in the department.
  • All the students in the department receive personalized career guidance divided into three tracks for aptitude and competence of students; graduate school of medicine, graduate school of biomedical science and career development in biotech companies.

companies. The department of biomedical science at CHA University will provide invaluable asset to students to develop their professional career in future biotechnology.

Department of Biotechnology Web Site

“FAST (Fusion and Application of Science and Technology)”

In the midst of rapid growth of knowledge-based industrial area, the demand for field-oriented experts with interdisciplinary integration of knowledge on not only basic science such as chemistry and biology but also on cultural, social, life and medical sciences is rising. Creative experts in the field of newly emerged convergence technology consisted of functional cosmetics, nano-chemistry, protein engineering, immune cell therapeutics, biomedicine, molecular imaging and regenerative medicine are also requested.

  • Excellent training and research programs.
  • World wide-level research.
  • Scholarship programs.

Department of Food Science and Biotechnology Web Site

Department of Food Science and Biotechnology at CHA university provides up to dated exciting disciplines that are related to all aspect of foods. Many students are unaware how this exciting field of study, which can be realized with real products. Yet, huge amounts of career opportunities await graduates who are highly motivated in the basic sciences, and wish to specialize in food systems. Integration of these scientific disciplines is used in the development of methods for the processing and fabrication of new food products. All faculty aims to educate qualified food scientists who can improve food quality such as flavor, color, texture, and nutritional value in both the academic and industrial fields.
Highly involved multidisciplinary courses which connect to other educational disciplines.

  • Best faculty in the field.
  • Full scholarships and on-campus housing.
  • Be accredited at the completion of course.
  • High employment opportunities and future prospect.

College of Health Sciences

Department of Health Administration, Social Welfare and Health Information Web Site

Health Administration, Social Welfare, and Health Information offers an innovative interdisciplinary educational programs. We produce new experts needed in the knowledge-based society through the quality education as well as research and practice opportunities in health and social welfare related field.

  • Receive hands-on; real-life training; and prepare yourself to become tomorrow's executive leaders.
  • High employment opportunities and future prospect.
  • A variety of scholarships and convenient on-campus housing.

Department of Healthcare Industry Web Site

Due to enhancement of living standards and rapid aging of the population, healthcare industry, aiming to improve of health and wellbeing of the population, will become the most promising industry in the 21st century. The four year programme provided by the Department of Healthcare Industry at CHA University, is the only unique course in Korea and aims to produce graduates qualified with competency in promoting healthcare industry including healthcare services, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, beauty-cosmetics, global healthcare.

  • to provide multi-sectoral and multi-disciplinary course works.
  • to be equipped with professional knowledge as well as on-site experience.
  • to ensure the global competitiveness coping with globalization of healthcare industry.

Department of Sports Medicine Web Site

The Sports Medicine program in CHA University offers undergraduate students to learn about the field of basic and clinical medicine such as anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, and so on. Based on a diverse range of subjects, students in our department will acquire academic knowledge on how to improve the performance of sports players and to prevent sports injuries by experiencing the practice of rehabilitation training and non-invasive clinical techniques. Besides, our program will prepare students to deal with a number of chronic illnesses caused by obesity and aging. Graduates in our department will work as specialists in sports medicine in professional sports teams, hospitals, and academic institutes.

  • Students will learn a variety of subjects for general education and for humanism for sports medicine experts.
  • Students will develop knowledge and skills in sports medicine and contribute to the improvement of public health.
  • Students will learn sports medicine to be global leaders.
  • Students will study the theories for sports medicine that is applicable in a diverse range of research.
  • Students will develop knowledge of sports medicine for experts and faculties.

Department of Medical Beauty Industry (Contract) Web Site

The Medical Beauty Industrial Department of Cha University has implemented Tailor-made vocational training system as the formal curriculum of the undergraduate course in oder to provide employees who lack of education with opportunities for learning.
It has established following several courses to lead the field-oriented education which is required by the Industrial demand : Medical Skin Care, Cosmetics Manufacturing Science, Functional Cosmetics, Hospital Coordinator, and Understanding of the global beauty industry.
All students who complete graduation credits are eligible for the bachelor of the Medical Beauty Industrial Department of Cha University. In addition, after graduating they can expand their career into the diverse beauty industry areas.

  • Medical Spa or Hotel Spa Managers
  • Hospital Skin Care Coordinators
  • Aroma therapists
  • Obesity managers
  • Cosmetics company training instructors
  • Beauty Dietitians
  • Researchers of ?cosmetics companies and product planners
  • The CEO of the beauty industry
  • Beauty Academic Instructors
  • Hair and scalp experts

College of Nursing

Department of Nursing Web Site

The ultimate mission of the CHA College of Nursing is to produce up-to-date knowledge and educate future nursing professionals who will demonstrate high standards of clinical practice, education, and research for a global society. The Strategic Plan is to generate nursing leaders who have devoted comprehensive leadership, excellent academic knowledge, and clinically competent nursing skills as global leaders. To achieve the goal, one-on-one mentorship, Team-Based-Learning and Problem-Based-Learning program, and small group intensive English classes are provided throughout the academic year based on the outcome-based approach curriculum, for students’ academic excellency, career development, critical thinking improvement, and English fluency. With this education, now many of our graduates hold positions of leadership in clinical, academic, and administrative settings.

  • An Outcome-Based Approach in Nursing curriculum
  • Simulation center with high fidelity mannequins
  • Intensive English programs taught by native English speakers
  • International internship and exchange program, such as LA-CHA internship
  • Various opportunities of nursing practicum at CHA medical group
  • Oriental nursing course including complementary and alternative medicine

College of Pharmacy

Department of Pharmacy Web Site

The mission in Pharmaceutical Sciences Program at the CHA University College of Pharmacy is to provide a rigorous and interdisciplinary degree program that may be integrated with internships in academia or in the pharmaceutical industry. Graduates of the programs will be highly sought after by the global pharmaceutical industry to support research, development and manufacturing operations.

  • Advanced, specialized programs.
  • Courses in the basics of pharmacy.
  • Systematic clinical trainings.
  • Programs which offer practical experience.
  • Graduate school programs for those who seek further qualifications in pharmaceutical sciences.
  • The advanced, high-tech facility dedicated to the College of Pharmacy.
  • Professional research environment within the CHA healthcare network.

College of Integrated Social Science

Department of Global Business Web Site

The department of global business aims to cultivate students to become leaders/managers with global mindset, business knowledge and skills, and warm hearts toward our society. We accomplish this through a differentiated and integrated curriculum, training programs, and collaborative relationships among faculty, students, alumni and our corporate partners. More specifically, our educational goals are as follows:

  • cultivating business managers/leaders with professional knowledge and practical skills
  • cultivating business managers/leaders with global minds and character of caring
  • cultivating business managers/leaders with integrated thinking and problem-solving capabilities
  • fostering one-industry-and-one-country(region) experts


Students can have opportunities of internships at various organizations of the CHA medical group, including Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center, which is certainly a privilege they can enjoy as students at CHA university. Of course, they also can get jobs at the CHA medical group organizations after graduation.

Department of Health & Strategic Communication Web Site

The strategic communication in the healthcare industry is ever-growing and quite needed as South Korea is rapidly becoming an aging society and citizens are more interested in health and welfare. The field of strategic communication study for health care industry has already drawn much attention as a new realm of academic interest as well as an attractive vocational area. The department of health & strategic communication in CHA University pertains to the study of theories and practices of communications and public relations in health care fields including?but not limited to?diverse fields such as mass communication, speech communication, video production, psychology, advertising and public relations planning, social research methodology, and digital media.


The department of health & Strategic Communication at CHA University was established in 2012 with a goal of becoming the focal point of strategic communication research and education in the health care industry of South Korea. As such, the department aims to cultivate leaders and experts who will contribute to the creation and development of a dynamic health care industry as well as a wide range of disciplines including such as: social and mass media, journalism, broadcasting, advertising, Public Relations and strategic communication.

Department of Art Therapy Web Site

The most competent educational and clinical environment is provided that Art Therapy is applied to various clinical settings that include fields of western, eastern, and alternative medicine in the CHA Health System. Art Therapy is developing not only counseling but medical services as a field of integrative medicine conducting treatment and research with medical staff in the therapy settings.


  • Training all-round leaders fulfilling creative scholarly accomplishments and voluntary public services and contributing to national and local development and human health.
  • Educating talented individuals who can develop their own potentials, understand multicultural dimensions, and possess global views by providing opportunities of international experiences.
  • Cultivating highly qualified experts having both profound knowledge and highly advanced skills of art therapy with systematic and scientific practicum.
  • Training leading professionals having integrative problem-solving capability in art therapy through connecting with relevant disciplines.